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Who says you can’t laugh a little?

The Crunch is all about poking a little fun at the economy and especially money. We believe that it is important that people are informed about what is going on behind the scenes with their economy. Hence this site bears witness to some funny punches you never saw coming. So if you are curious about all things money. You are welcome to this club, and we hope you enjoy the ride. Below are some of our top topics.

Tips for avoiding a future credit crunch

Boy oh boy, don't we all dread a credit crunch. It's almost like being punched in the face. You may see the punch coming but that won't prepare you for the pain you’ll feel. Perhaps you should build up your reflexes so you can avoid the punch. We’ve curated a number of tips for avoiding a future credit crunch with a sour twist that will turn that frown upside down. These are basically the best practices we can employ now so the future can be credit crunch free. A practical guide for anyone who is pondering how to spend their money when everyone else has to be a penny pincher. Online casino canada real money bets are certainly the perfect solution if you happen to have deep pockets, but don’t let that be your only solution to the credit crunch. And before you dive in, I suggest you calm your mind for a better understanding of these tips.

Credit cards: The future of Touch ‘n Go technology.

Quick question? Who here doesn't own a credit card or has never used Paypoint. More likely virtually no one, unless you want to tell me that you are an alien. But even if you are, I'm pretty sure whatever planet you come from uses credit cards too. Alright, back to our main point before your imagination starts to travel. Credit cards and Paypoint work well together or can one do without the other! This section offers you detailed information about these two payment options, their relationship and what to expect from the future. Everyday our environment changes and the economy is no exception to this rule.

Support your local Mason charter

Often great ideas come from people with a common goal who work together to bring out the best in each other and in their community. This is one of the many reasons why you should support your local Mason charter. When people with great minds come together incredible things happen- at least that what you’re supposed to say. If supporting your local Mason charter has never crossed your mind, now is the time to have a good laugh in the mean time. I bet all the questions you have will be answered through a smile.

The future of Scottish gas and oil

The gas and oil sector is very important to the Scottish economy. A sea of change has taken place in this industry over the past decade and they’re sitting on the ultimate Mother lode. Forget that major oil reserve stretching through Iran and the Middle East- we need to focus more on the future of Scottish gas and oil? It’s better to have important subjects like this in order to be informed about all the sectors in your economy which highly affect your day to day life. And I think we can all agree that gas and oil affect our pockets significantly- be sure to catch this feature story and see why it’s a real knee slapper.