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The world is nearly lost

It is stained with lies and the truth is cast into the shadows. But from instinct we all stick around for that last bit of hope. We are here to expose the crooked smile that goes with the handshake which humanity hands out every day. Individually, each of us has an area of expertise – however as a team, we are a supreme driving force of truth.

Henry J. Hawkins aka "Gold Throne"

My motto is, "Do not believe what you see on television." I find it ironic that people vote leaders into power and then complain about being poor. It's kinda like taking a shit in your own bed. It ain't gonna stink for anyone else but you! I am also the website writer here. I believe in what I say and what I say is always accurate. And because I'm special and not like some of you ordinary folks. I have a clear understanding of the universe and its workings. You can call me Gold Throne because when you see the world through my eyes, everything is enlightened. Some people may call it a conspiracy theory, I call it critical thinking. A gift that only a few people in this world are lucky to possess. I love the quote, "The more I awaken, the less I desire to fit in."

Brandon Ward aka "Black Rose"

Did you know that Lizard people live among us? These creatures have survived for centuries among us and yet their identity is still considered a myth. Which is absolute ignorance. I’ve dedicated my life to hunting lizard people because they are hell-bent on destroying the human race. And I guess someone has to do the dirty work. Some people are saviors and other people are meant to be saved. I was born to be a savior for the human race. I am the site editor here and I often go by the nickname, Black Rose. My favorite quote is, If governments are involved in covering up knowledge of Aliens, they are doing a much better job of it than they seem to do anything else."

Casey Murray aka "Truth"

What lies behind the shadows is more dangerous than you think. You may ignore it but if its to destroy you, by the time you come to your senses, it may be too late. I am a Freemason detective because I believe secrets destroy society. They eat at it until there is hardly any sense of being. And I think that is what Freemasonry is doing. I want to expose everything about them. Their rituals, how they control the world, and the power people involved. I am a contributing guest writer for the website. I have an obligation to society and I take my work very seriously. So should you. People often refer to me as Truth. My purpose is simply the Truth.

If you are here, you are one of the lucky few whose life is going to be changed by the information we shall be giving you. We suggest you share this knowledge. Because knowledge is the key to opening people's eyes. In return, we ask that you share your thoughts and truths and even ideas that we should cover in future stories. Contact us anytime through our e-mail.


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