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The Future of Scottish Gas and Oil

Scottish oil industry FScotland's golden goose, the North Sea oil revenue increased by over a billion euro in 2017-2018. The oil mining that started in 1969 in the North Sea isn't showing any signs of a slowdown at least in the next decade. There are almost oil reserves worth €1 trillion left in the Scottish waters of the North Sea. It's not possible for the Scots to use all that oil on their own. So they'd have to export oil to deficient countries and that will generate so much revenue for Scotland. Since oil prices rely on swindling tactics and demands are rising forever, that €1 trillion piggy bank reserve amount could definitely go up and even multiply into spare change that could be used to stuff mattresses. It's going to be a huge headache for those Scots to use up all that spare chump change.

So what would Scotland do with all the extra oil and money?

We’ve come up with just a few suggestions for Scotland, they should just go on and buy the Maldives. Yes! The country Maldives. Let me explain, the Maldives is sinking due to sea level rise as a result of global warming. What contributes to global warming? Carbon emissions particularly from fossil fuel combustion, so Scotland could buy the Maldives and make it a part of Scotland. Then they'll have to save it from sinking, by spending the extra oil revenue for it and maybe by reducing oil mining. Maybe they could build a settlement on Mars, there's no one else better to represent the human race in across the universe than the Scots! The strong and the brave Scots can definitely spread human civilization to outer space through their subsidiary venture company often called NASA. You might be wondering even after buying the Maldives and building a human civilization on Mars, will there be any money left for those red bearded Master Masons? Of course, there will be.

Can you even imagine how huge €1 trillion is!

With €1 trillion- maybe the Scots could even buy the UK, appoint a new monarchy and name it the Kingdom of Scotland. Yea, that sounds a bit too far fetched and might not be possible- but then again nobody said they can’t do in. With the UK invested into the Brexit program, they might as well sell-out to their highland neighbors as a last ditch effort to save face. But the Scots can definitely consider buying the Maldives and settling onto Mars. Just imagine them performing live on Mars with their big bagpipes after planting the Scottish flag on the red planet. Say now- would bagpipes even work on Mars? According to NASA they work just fine on the ISS…..

See that proof right here:

So what's there to lose, we can dream it. It would definitely propose that the Scots rule the world and they should.

What more can Scotland do with their oil and money?

They should develop artificial moons, even bigger than the ones China has already. The pride of being a Scot should shine all day and all night with their own personal Deathstar. Then Scotland could be called the land where the Moon never sets replacing Britain's old title of the land where the Sun never sets. It should be crucial that all that big oil money should be spent well and not invested whatsoever. Investments would return more money and it'll get even tougher for the Scots to spend it elsewhere. Again going too far with the possibilities! Let's dial it back a notch. The land of the brave, Scotland can unquestionably rise above everyone else with their rich future from the oil reserves. All they need is a greater imagination about how to use it

By the way- the Maldives aren’t sinking, it was all just a Scottish news hoax disguised as a global warming threat. Part of the much hyped New World Order program introduced in the early 1990’s by then President George Bush Sr.